⭐️ Are you ready to discover and shift the subconscious patterns you currently hold about your financial situation?

In this self-paced paradigm-shifting course, Paul Eliseo and Juliet Lever from Evolve and Relaunch Education will be guiding you to explore how to shift the subconscious patterns you hold about your financial situation so that you can stop sabotaging and unlock your full financial potential.

With guided videos and activities you will discover the skillset and mindset required to unlock your financial potential.

You will be guided to explore and reshape your inner world which will inturn level up your capacity to receive and generate the wealth you need to live the life you truly desire.

Course Contents

  1. Redefine your concepts of wealth and money so you can shift outdated limited thinking and operate at a new level
  2. Design your financial dream to ensure your mind and body are aligned and congruently moving towards what you want
  3. Deeper dive into uncovering your money beliefs and values clearing out the patterns that create sabotage and update and align your operating system to unconscious move you to higher levels of wealth and abundance
  4. Goals to align your values and beliefs, finally release the brakes and move full steam ahead
  5. Understanding assets and liabilities so you can make your money work for you not against you
  6. Increase your financial literacy so you can speak the language of money and know what deals are worth taking and what to avoid, to prevent challenges and find more wealth-building opportunities
  7. Unlock your judgements and perceptions about being wealthy, allowing yourself to step into a bigger sphere of money mastery
  8. Guided Hypnotic Wealth and Abundance Alignment Recording to anchor in the learnings at a deep subconscious level so it becomes part of who you are
  9. PLUS bonus wealth self-hypnosis recordings

* Please note, we are not Financial Advisors and will not be providing any financial advice in this training. This program is an exploration into subconscious beliefs and patterns which can help create more ease in your financial situation. 

Master your money mindset

You should invest in this course if you are ready to:

  • level up your ability to receive and grow your financial position.
  • understand more to expand your financial health.
  • build a stronger financial future and mindset.
  • reduce financial stress.
  • learn skills to support you in achieving in all areas of life.

Master your money story and unlock the abundance you deserve.


Can I do this course at any time?

Yes once you purchase this course it is yours for life. You can re-do it as many times as you like.

Will this course help me even if I haven't studied NLP or Hypnotherapy?

Absolutely! This course is designed for anyone. It will help you regardless of whether you have studied with us previously or not.

If you would like to talk to us about our NLP or Hypnotherapy courses you can book a call at https://calendly.com/evolveandrelaunch/20min