"We offer in person trainings in hypnosis, NLP and mindset.

Online, we delve into practical tools and courses to help you master your mindset and transform in all areas of life."

There are courses and then there are Evolve and Relaunch courses.

Juliet Lever and Paul Eliseo are two of the best trainers I have met. Their passion for what they teach and seeing their students achieve the best results possible goes far beyond any training I have attended.

When two trainers come together and teach in the way Juliet and Paul do, the only possible outcome is SUCCESS for all.

And success is what you will achieve when you train with them.

I have completed NLP, Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy with both Evolve and Relaunch and Relaunch My Life training.

You will receive so much more value for your training than you can imagine and knowing their training books out fast, I suggest you contact them as soon as possible if you ARE ready to take yourself to the next level and be the best version of yourself you can be.

- Linda Gordon

I can not recommend Evolve and Relaunch highly enough. Quality, thorough, life changing courses! Courses absolutely everyone should do!

- Amanda Aravena